Turtle Beach støtter Spett Gaming!

Hva er vel bedre enn å starte året med å inngå samarbeid med en av de største innen datautstyr? Vi kan med stolthet annonsere Turtle Beach som vår nyeste sponsor!

De vil, sammen med våre eksisterende sponsorer, kunne bidra med deilig loot og engasjement på våre fremtidige events. Vi gleder oss masse til å leke videre!



You don’t conquer a game on your first play-through, and you don’t become the world’s largest gaming headset brand overnight. Turtle Beach’s journey began in 1975 as a small company called Voytera that made PC sound cards and midi synthesizers, and throughout our 40-plus years as audio experts, Turtle Beach has evolved into today’s premiere gaming headset brand.

As the industry has grown, so have we; developing more advanced headsets and audio accessories for all types of gamers, including professional eSports athletes and streamers on Twitch and YouTube. In fact, our history is rich with industry firsts.

(source: http://www.turtlebeach.com/en-us/about)

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